Bale Breaker

  • Horizontal De-baler
  • Vertical De-Baler
  • Horizontal De-Baler
BoReTech develops two types (Horizontal & Vertical De-baler )of bale breakers on the basis of PET bottle balers dimension and materials conditions which capacity reachs up to 10000 kg/h. Bale breaker shaft adopts carbon steel and paddles adopts alloy steel which is dismountable. BoReTech Bale Breaker has two designs, one has two shafts, the other one has four shafts. Moving speed of belt conveyor and chain conveyor is adjustable, which can avoid clogging. Bale breaker  has the features of simple operation process,low power consumption and less manpower.
Power (KW) 11*2
Capacity (kg/h) 1500 / 3000
Dimensiones (mm) 1690*800*3864
Power (KW) 15*2
Capacity (kg/h) 3000 / 6000
Dimensiones (mm) 2803*2260*3804
Power (KW) 15+4+2.2*2
Capacity (kg/h) 10000
Dimensiones (mm) 7248*3790*2767