(PET/PET (low melting), PET/PE, PET/PA, PP/ PE)

Bi-Component Fiber Production Line


With the improvement of healthy and environmentally friendly life concept, the demand for hygiene products and environmentally friendly products is increasing. COVID -19 epidemic accelerated the development of the Eisai industry and brought a rapid increase in the demand for bicomponent fibers.

Product Feature

Based on many years of production technology and production experience of recycled fiber and virgin bi-component fiber, BoReTech can plan a complete production line with multi-product applications.
The intelligent control system designed according to the quality policy of big brands can ensure the stability of product quality and have the characteristics of product quality traceability.

The Specification of Bi-Component Fiber Line

Standard & Module capacity : 20/40/60 Tons/day
Abailable Bico Fiber: PET/PET (low melt), PET/PE, PET/PA, PP/ PE.

3D Layout

Bi-Component Fiber Production Line
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