pet bottle to bottle recycling plant

Solution for PET Bottle-to-Bottle Plant and Engineering

Bottle to Bottle Recycling Plant


BoReTech offers a complete bottle to bottle recycling plant for the conversion of post-consumer PET bottle bale into food grade rPET pellets. The resulting rPET pellets are suitable for applications in direct contact with food (FDA/EFSA approval).

There’s a strong signal around the world about an ongoing trend among Global Consumer Goods brands and retailers of increasing the recycled content in their packaging to an average of 25% by 2025. These efforts of “closing the loop” initiative has become a real competition among by the International Brands these days.

Meanwhile, all major bottle preform companies are successfully the recycled PET combined in preform manufacturing sometimes in 100% ratio. Multiple feasibility studies show that this is not only environmentally right but it also brings significant economic benefits, which are vital for any business.
BoReTech is the leading supplier of post-consumer PET recycling solutions in Asia. We are proud with our 30 years of Polyester fiber manufacturing and plastic waste recycling. At present, we have over 150 plastics recycling lines successfully working in more than 30 countries across the Globe.
Our customers in the US, Japan, EU manufacture food grade rPET resin for such well-known brand owner’s such as Niagara Bottling, Nestle, etc.

The bottle to bottle recycling process is fully continuous and integrates extrusion as a first process section and solid-state polycondensation as a second process section into one integrated system. A fully advanced automatic and intelligent control system can be built in the line for easy and better operation. This system can be designed to have control optimization based on the each production line, what’s more, we’re able to develop customized modules , and so on, with functions mentioned above, we’re capable of enhancing product operation, device monitoring, and production management.

Product Feature

- Features of Extruder:
This new extrusion system brings together the familiar superior plasticization and homogenization of a parallel twin-screw extruder with the specific advantages of the conical twin-screw system. The screw is equipped with easy changeable shear and mixing elements which allow adjusting the plasticizing exactly to each demand. Effective degassing supported by a vacuum pump removes monomers in the front of the plasticizing unit
• Big intake section / very good in-feed behavior
• Conical design ensures very good screw filling
• Therefore, high output per screw rotation (kg/rpm)
• High torque possible because of huge screw shaft diameter
• Very stable pressure behavior
• Excellent homogenizing offered by the co-rotating system
• Excellent feeding performance
• Small melt dwell time distribution inside the processing unit
• Therefore low melt temperature
• Therefore low energy consumption

- Features of SSP
In the SSP process, the PET pellets are further decontaminated and their molecular weight is increased to obtain high-quality bottle grade resin, which meets the regulations of the authorities and requirements of the packaging industry. SSP and decontamination of migrated substances are diffusion controlled processes. The main design parameters are product temperature and residence time.
The solid-state polycondensation process (SSP) is required to upgrade the molecular weight of the amorphous PET pellets to high-quality bottle grade resin, which meets the regulations of the FDA and requirements of the packaging industry.

• Especially suitable for small and medium enterprises in the third world countries which has no polymerization facility.
• High I.V. chip downstream users
• Stable performance, economic investment and high C/P value.
• Long-term experience and quality control method of washing line will provide excellent and stable quality of PET flakes for continuous and stabilized feeding of pelletizing and SSP.
• Energy-saving and environmental-friendly: reuse heat energy from pelleti

Our Strengths

- BoReTech washing process is the only technology designed in Asia which achieved USA FDA LNO (Letter of No Objection) standards.
- World-wide installation experience: USA, European Union, Asia, Africa, Latin America, India, etc.
- Primal focus on sustainable R&D and cutting-edge engineering aimed to recover 100% of post-consumer PET waste.
- The shortest time for delivery, installation, and start-up in the industry.
- Trust and confidence of the existing customers. 2/3 of our clients come for more machines to BoReTech to expand their production capacity.
- Experience in manufacturing food-grade rPET resin with significant economic benefits for our customers.


Input for Washing Line: 1500/2000/3000 kg/h
Input for SSP :900-2000 kg/h

3D Layout

PET Bottle to Bottle Recycling Process

• Washing Line
De-baling ➜ Dry Trommel ➜ Iron Belt Separator ➜ Label remover Unit ➜ Bottle Pre-washing ➜ Automatic Sorting (Optional) ➜ Label Scrapping ➜ Crushing ➜ Drying ➜ Floating ➜ Hot washing& Turbo washing ➜ Rinsing- Zig zag Separator ➜ Eddy Current (Optional) ➜ Automatic Sorting (Optional)

• Pelletizing
Blending ➜ Analysis ➜ Pre-heating ➜ Drying ➜ Extruding ➜ Pelletizer

• Continuous SSP
Pre-crystallizing ➜ Pre-heating ➜ SSP Reactor ➜ Pellet Cooling ➜ Storage/Packing

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