Plastic Washing Line

Rigid Plastics and PE Film Recycling System


Boretech offers rigid waste plastic and film washing system is mainly used to recycle plastic products and waste film used in daily life. (eg. PE、LDPE、HDPE、PO)Through the classification, crushing, and washing, clean and reusable materials are obtained for downstream use for a hard plastics and film plastic close loop.
The process design of this recycling line can process rigid plastics and waste PE\PP film products, with two functions are integrated into a process, to maximize the production and utilization of equipment.
The raw materials that can be processed by the system include: post-consumer hollow bottle plastic products, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, BOPP film, PP woven bags, garbage bags and shopping bags;
The Input capacity of the system (Rigid Plastics): 1500 kg/h~3000 kg/h;
The Input capacity of the system (Film): 500-600 kg/h;

PE/PP film recycling line, is suitable for recycling of waste LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, BOPP film/PP woven bags/garbage bags/shopping bags in daily life;
The Input capacity of PE/PP film plastic washing line: 500-1500 kg/h;


- Boretech Rigid Plastic Recycling System can process a wide variety of plastic, with process design proven over the years. With a hot chemical washing module, the washing line can achieve better and more consistent quality for the end product.

-The entire washing line can be equipped with a DCS system and PLC control to minimize the usage of manpower.

-The washing line is also designed with a chemical water circulation system and an online rinse water circulation system to reduce carbon footprint.

-The washing line has a one-button start and stops design that makes it much easier on operation and maintenance.

3D Layout

Recycling Process Flowchart

Feeding ➜ Shredding ➜ Metal Removal ➜ Flotation Separation ➜ Crushing ➜ Drying ➜ Rinsing ➜ Friction Washing ➜ Rinsing ➜ Friction Washing
1. Drying ➜ Zig-zag Separation ➜ Pneumatic conveying ➜ Optical Sorting (optional) ➜ Packing
2. Squeezing (Optional: Plasticizing function) ➜ Pneumatic Conveying ➜ Silo

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