Filament Production Line

Solution for Filament (POY, FDY) Plant


BoReTech provides the total solution for Filament production line which including POY, FDY and DTY.
The production process of recycled polyester filament is strict, the quality of PET flakes is high, and the project is difficult to implement. Polyester filament can be divided into applications for home textiles and garment. The specifications of home textile filaments are mainly based on DPF>2, and garments filament are mainly fine denier and ultra-fine denier products. With the strengthening of the concept of environmental protection and the demand for sustainable development, international brands are actively promoting eco-friendly products, bringing huge demand for recycled polyester filaments.

Product Feature

BoReTech started to provide recycled PET flakes to PET bottle filament production factory for spinning in 2007. It has a deep understanding of the quality standards of filament spinning by recycled PET flakes and has accumulated a lot of relevant experience in the regenerated PET bottle filament spinning industry. Combining with the local equipment supply chain in China, BoReTech's engineering capabilities, and international project implementation experience, BoReTech provides customers with a complete solution from recycled PET bottle to filament production line, to get the high-quality PET bottle filament, and from plastic bottles to filament,

The experience in the production and manufacturing of recycled filament-grade PET chips at the BoReTech PET recycling factory in Taiwan have solved the biggest problem in the production of Eco fine-denier filaments and ensured the stability of product quality.

Primary Features

1. The output capacity of the production line can be customized according to the customers.
- The output capacity range: 2TPD-100TPD/Line, the denier can achieve 0.9DPF.
2. A complete PET bottle recycling line, a large-capacity PET flake storage system, and a batching system are collocated to the filament production line to achieve the best spinnability.
3. The color dosing system can realize the simultaneous production of multiple colors.


Minimum 10 ton/day or multiple of it.

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