Solution for HDPE/LDPE Plastic Recycling

HDPE/LDPE Plastic Washing Line

Product Feature

Waste PET bottles are the most difficult recycling material due to impurities diversity among in PET bottle bales. BoReTech has a total solution for PET bottle recycling, devoting ourselves to the PET bottle recycling industry for two decades. We provide recycling solutions for HDPE and LDPE thanks to familiarity with plastics characteristics.

Most HDPE bottles from the market are applied to fill milk, shampoo, and bath gel. HDPE bottle bales have fewer impurities, and most labels are the PP sticky label, they are easy to be separated by washing. The ink printed on HDPE bottles can be removed by the chemical and washing process. Due to the density of HDPE, it's easy to be separated from other impurities by gravity difference completely. After hot washing, friction washing, rinsing, and dust removal, HDPE flakes will be clean.

The simplified PET bottle recycling process can be applied to HDPE washing. According to customer demand, BoReTech can supply the solution which can wash HDPE and PET are combined. Customers can use this recycled HDPE flakes for granulation, or even realize the HDPE-to-HDPE circulation.

Most LDPE is an agricultural film, land film, industrial film, and urban waste film. BoReTech also provides corresponding recycling solutions according to the different waste film.

Input Capacity

500-3000 kg/h

3D Layout

HDPE/LDPE Plastic Washing Line

HDPE Bottle Recycling Process

De-baling ➜ Metal Removal ➜ Bottle Pre-washing ➜ Dry Trommel ➜ Optical Bottle Sorting ➜ Manual Sorting ➜ Crushing ➜ Flotation Washing ➜ Hot washing ➜ Friction Washing ➜ Rinsing ➜ Drying ➜ Optical Flakes Sorting ➜ Dust Removal ➜ Packing

Applications of Recycled HDPE / LDPE

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