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( The end product of BoReTech PET bottle washing line is rPET flakes which can be applied to make PSF,POY, micro denier fiber, strap, sheet and food grade pellets. )

( BoReTech is focus on PET recycling industry, all the solution provided as below is related with recycled fiber production. )

( The end product of this solution as below is rPET chips which is well application to fiber, strap and sheet. )

( The end product of this solution PET bottle-to-bottle plant is food grade pellets. )

( BoReTech has its own PET bottle recycling & pelletizing factory which possess integrated PET material resource, we require waste PET bottle bales, rPET flakes and supply rPET pellets (food grade) and rPET fiber resource. )

( If you do not find the product you need in the above options, please contact us to leave your message, we will contact you soon! )