Bale Breaker


There are two types (Horizontal & Vertical De-baler) of bale breakers developed by BoReTech. Its input capacity reaches up to 10000 kg/h regarding the dimension and materials conditions of PET bottle bales. The Baler breaker shaft adopts carbon steel and the paddles are made from alloy steel, it is dismountable and friendly to daily maintenance.

3 specialized types of bale breakers including two shafts, three shafts, and four shafts are available for different process designs. The speed of the feeding conveyor is controlled by the inverter it is better to avoid material clogging. Bale breaker with three shafts is particularly easy to de-baling high-density bottle bales. Bale breaker by BoReTech is simple to operate, running with low power consumption and less manpower.


Bale breaker is applied to the PET bottle recycling industry to break up PET bottle bales. Normally, cutting wires of PET bottle bale by labor in the first step, then PET bottle bales will be transported to bale breaker shafts via a belt conveyor or chain conveyor. PET bottle bales will break into loose bottles under the function of powerful rolling paddles. De-wiring can be equipped on a bale breaker instead of a manual operation.

Input Capacity

1500-10000 kg/h


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