The World's Largest Capacity of a Single Line

This customer is the leading company in China and even of the world in the recycled filament industry. The annual production capacity of POY is 200,000 tons. All washing lines used in their production are provided by BoReTech. They have two PET bottle washing line with 6000 kg/h and two PET bottle washing line with 3000 kg/h and one set of oil bottle washing line with 2000 kg/h.

Ten years ago, before the customer has their own PET bottle washing line, BoReTech was the main raw material supplier of rPET flakes, the quality of the flakes was deeply favored by this customer. Based on the recognition of the quality of products, they purchased 5 washing lines from BoReTech since 2010, and all end product PET flakes are used in their factory POY production line. The equipment quality, after-sales service and flakes quality are unanimously approved by the customer. Over the years, we always keep a good relationship of cooperation with each other.

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