3 Minutes to Know PET Bottle to Bottle Closed Loop Recycling


What is PET Bottle to Bottle Recycling?

PET Bottle to Bottle Recycling is a production process in which used post-consumer PET bottles are collected, recycled, pelletizing, SSP and made into new bottles with the same quality and capabilities.

Benefits of PET Bottle to Bottle Recycling

• Environmental Benefit

To reduce human carbon footprint and pollution impact on the earth, it is friendly to the environment, keep sustainable.

• Economic Benefit

To reduce the production cost using recycled plastics material (RPET Flakes).

• Social Benefit

To enhance a brand image and reputation in the market and close to customers to obtain more market share. Closed Loop Recycling is a profitable social benefit of recycling.

3 Stages of PET Bottle to Bottle Recycling in Plants

In PET Bottle to Bottle Recycling Plants , which mainly refer to PET Bottle Recycling Production Lines (including PET Pelletizing Lines and SSP), PET Bottle to Bottle Closed Loop Recycling includes 3 stages and processes : PET bottles collection, PET bottle recycling (washing+pelletizing+SSP) and PET downstream manufacturing (likes bottle blowing, thermoforming). Follow these stages and you can easily to Start a Plastic Bottle Recycling Business and Plants.

• PET Bottle Collection

The post-consumer PET bottles are collected and baled.

• PET Bottle Recycling

The process includes PET Bottle Recycling Production Line, PET pelletizing line and SSP. The 100% bottle-grade (Food contact) recycled PET pellets, commonly indicated as rPET flakes, are made.

• PET downstream Manufacturing(reuse)

Application of these rPET flakes (pellets) is used to produce preforms for beverage containers, for products such as water, soda and juice; and for extruded sheets for our thermoformed containers (for example, transparent rPET strawberry flip tops, salad containers and water cups).

Example of Bottle to Bottle Closed Loop Recycling

Boretech has exported more than 170 sets PET Bottle to Bottle Recycling Lines and Plants with competitive prices around the world. There are lots of success stories and examples in Asia, Latin America and Africa. Take a look around to learn PET Bottle to Bottle Recycling Closed Loop Examples and Plants.

Why is PET Bottle to Bottle Recycling so important?

Petro resources are limited, and many new products are produced related to petro, almost all these plastics products are completely disappearing from the earth after one-way use if they are not recycled.

In addition, these materials often leak into the environment, causing pollution and degradation of natural ecosystems. Primary closed loop recycling helps to reduce or even eliminate the waste of natural resources every year; in the long run, it will extend the quality of life on our planet and reduce human carbon footprint and pollution impact. It can also prevent non-degradable waste plastic (such as PET, HDPE and LDPE) from being dumped into landfills.

Another good thing about Closed-loop Recycling through processes such as those on rPlanet Earth is that it maintains the high quality of the product without wasting original materials, making it environmentally friendly without compromising performance.

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