PET bottle classification packaging line --D type bottle bala incarnation A type material

JFE Steel is a comprehensive steel corporation with a century-old history. For centuries, JFE have actively responded to various social demands for earth's environment protection issues. Therefore, JFE Group established J&T Recycling Corporation to deal with business elated to environmental protection. Bottles source collected by JFE from the market is more complicated, and the impurity content rate of bottle bales is high, it is difficult to recycle and get good quality flakes in Japan. In order to obtain high quality of PET flakes and provides more possibilities for downstream rPET applications, JFE found BoReTech to set up the PET bottle re-baling Line to enhance products additive value.

Introduced by BoReTech Japan agent, JFE found us and state their demand for bottle recycling, through PET bottle pre-washing and pre-sorting, the customer could obtain high quality of PET bottles and gain a larger market share in Japan. In accordance with the requirements of customers, BoReTech design team not only solves the key points, but also provides a reasonable process design of PET bottle pre-washing and re-baling line in a small space. BoReTech after-sales teams export installation guidance and services. This line was set up in Kawasaki, Japan in a small area. It is a typical of Japanese factories and provides a reference in the plastic recycling industry.

It’s a first step into PET bottle recycling industry for JFE. The quality of PET bottles has been gradually improved after being pre-washing, which favored by downstream customers. The customer highly praised BoReTech engineers for their professionalism and service spirit.
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