DGrade Plastic Flake Recycling Washing Line in UAE

DGrade was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Dubai, U.A.E. DGrade is the only company to manage the full supply chain from plastic bottle collection through to clothing production.  Aims to eliminate plastic pollution and provide sustainable manufacturing solutions for everyday items such as clothing, uniform, bags and accessories.

DGrade runs the Simply Bottles recycling initiative. This initiative works with businesses, events, and schools to increase recycling rates in the UAE.

In 2019 DGrade awarded the license to produce official Expo 2020 Dubai merchandise. In the same year, DGrade cooperated with BoReTech, DGrade uses the PET bottle recycling equipment of BoReTech to apply the recycled PET raw materials to the production of its own clothing, bags and accessories.

DGrade shares the same philosophy as BoReTech, aiming to eliminate global waste plastics and promote the recycling of waste plastics. DGrade has developed Greenspun® a high-quality yarn made from recycled plastic water bottles. Greenspun® yarn replaces traditional polyester yarn to produce a wide range of fabrics for clothing and accessories.

The customized PET bottle recycling system provided by BoReTech as the capacity to recycle 1 billion plastic bottles a year. the recycling process includes hot and cold washing to remove contaminants and optical sorting equipment to remove non-PET materials. The recycled PET flakes are used in the Greenspun® yarn and provide material for local packaging manufacturers. In addition to using the flake to produce sustainable uniforms and clothing ranges for businesses, DGrade’s PET flake can be used to manufacture a variety of recycled packaging including recycled soap bottles, egg cartons and non-food packaging. In doing so DGrade will support the FMCG sector in achieving their sustainability goals.

Consider the optimal use of resources, BoReTech install a custom-built water treatment facility for DGrade which recycles 80% of water used during the recycling process and next year will be installing solar panels to reduce energy consumption as part of its commitment to improving sustainability.

Recycling has a key role to play in reducing plastic pollution and the carbon footprint of both the plastics and polyester textile industries, as it reduces energy and water consumption, and produces fewer carbon emissions compared to conventional manufacturing processes. The customer highly praised BoReTech engineers for their professionalism and service spirit

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