The New Generation of PET Bottle Recycling Equipment : What You Need to Know


We understand that obtaining high-quality rPET flakes is crucial, and having an efficient recycling process and optimized equipment configuration simplifies the waste PET bottle recycling work. It accelerates your successful entry into the plastic recycling industry while saving unnecessary investments.

Are you concerned about the huge land occupation requirement for setting up a PET bottle recycling equipment? Is the high labor cost obstructing your PET bottle recycling factory setup? Are you worried if the recycling process is suitable for handling various PET bottle bales?

The latest technology of PET bottle recycling equipment from BoReTech is a new system that addresses these challenges with a compact footprint, heightened modularity, premium quality of rPET flakes, and cost-effective production.

PET Bottle Recycling Machines

In this article, we will use the ES Process as an example to understand the advanced technologies of PET bottle recycling equipment. With a better understanding, you can overcome your concerns in a short time.

Compact Footprint - Reduced by 40%

BoReTech process design boasts a significantly smaller land area requirement, with a reduction of 40%, thanks to the high modularity. This compact process design optimizes space utilization while maintaining operational efficiency.

Heightened Modularity - Consolidation of Functions

The compact footprint is achieved by integrating multiple equipment processes into a single unit, reducing the amount of space required while maintaining operational efficiency. The heightened modularity allows for the integration of 2-3 functions of equipment within a single unit, further minimizing the space required.

Premium Quality of Finished Products rPET flakes - Capable for Bottle-to-Bottle and micro-denier filament Applications

The premium quality of rPET flakes is produced using advanced plastic recycling technology. This technology ensures that the recycled PET flakes are of the highest quality, suitable for both food contact bottle-to-bottle and other applications.

Cost-Effective Production - Elevated Automation and Optimal Energy Consumption

Cost-effective production is achieved through advanced automation and efficient inline water circulation, reducing labor costs and energy consumption, and making the PET bottle recycling system more economical.

PET Bottle Recycling Machines

BoReTech's ES Process PET Bottle Recycling Equipment

An excellent example of this great plastic recycling technological leap is BoReTech’s sixth-generation recycling process —— the ES Process PET Bottle Recycling Equipment. BoReTech has perceived many countries with high restrictions in labor costs, land, and energy consumptions, like Japan, facing limited land and high labor costs, and tailored a process to these demands.

This new ES process is a significant advancement in PET bottle recycling technology. It offers several advantages that make it the ideal choice for businesses aiming to reduce plastic pollution, protect the environment, and achieve a sustainable business model.

Getting Started with PET Bottle Recycling Equipment from BoReTech

BoReTech has devoted itself to the PET bottle recycling industry for more than three decades. We encountered numerous clients facing the challenges of limited lands and space. They insisted on the PET bottle recycling layout without damaging the wall structure of the original building, but they could not compromise on the equipment configuration.

In recent years, we have taken on multiple projects in developed countries such as Japan, all of which share the constraints of limited land and high labor costs which demand highly automated equipment, efficient inline water circulation, and low energy consumption per unit.

BoReTech targeted to develop the new total solution in view of the points mentioned above. Using integrated equipment and reasonable processes to reduce footprint requirements and enhance automation levels of equipment. Facing these specific countries and regions, we developed a comprehensive PET bottle recycling process tailored to the high requirements, breaking away from traditional process methods and elevating recycling processes to a new level. This is the sixth-generation BoReTech's recycling process——the ES process PET bottle recycling system.


Recently, BoReTech provided a PET bottle recycling line utilizing the latest ES technology to a client in Vietnam, helping them improve production efficiency and enhance the quality of rPET flakes. After setting up the new PET bottle washing line, It will achieve an annual production capacity of 20 ktpa. The client revealed that thanks to BoReTech 's ES process of the intensive washing process, with the same quality of input bottle bales, the quality of the flakes significantly improved. Both the naked eye and the inspection demonstrated a notable reduction in impurities and enhanced cleanliness of the PET flakes. The client expressed great satisfaction with the results. The PET flakes are put into the food-grade pelletizing line at a later stage for use in its own beverage packaging factory.

Food Grade PET Bottle Recycling Machines
Food Grade PET Bottle Recycling Lines

In Vietnam, the recycled rPET industry is gradually developing, with plastic recycling projects getting support and attention from the government. The increasing global emphasis on environmental protection and brand manufacturers' commitments to sustainability are driving the widespread demand for the application of recycled rPET. This demand will encourage recyclers to explore new projects. We believe partnering with BoReTech to establish a recycled rPET bottle recycling project will be the top choice. For more case studies, please read more our blogs : PET Bottle Recycling Lines in Turkey, or please Contact Us today!

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