Second Cooperation - A high-quality & Intelligent PET Bottle Washing Line in China
Successful Project
Capacity: Capacity: 7000KG/H &3000KG/H Application: Filament Area: Asia - China Time: 2020-10

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The customer is a new renewable resources company Co-funded by Gezhouba Group and Huanjia Group in China. Gezhouba Huanjia Company relies on the existing operating platform of Huanjia Group. The main business is renewable of waste steel, waste plastic and waste papers, and actively expand the processing business of resources, extend the relevant industrial chain. It is also the second step for Gezhouba to grab the domestic raw material market since China’s ban on import of waste. Action in PET recycling industry to contribute of domestic environmental protection. It follows the development concept of "based in Dalian, facing northeast of domestic market, radiating of China and head to the world". Strive to become the leading enterprises of China's renewable resources industry.

The project was located in Hubei, China. The process configuration of the PET bottle washing line is oriented to the PET bottles bale in domestic market, with an annual input capacity of 42,000 tons. Except a PET bottle recycling line of 7 tons/hour capacity, a sub-line was established for recycle PE and PP. It produces rPET flakes as well as PP and PE, enhancing the added value of rPET recycling. The whole line has a high degree of automation, which can effectively reduce the labor cost and achieve a new breakthrough in waste PET bottle recycling. The final rPET flakes widely applied to filament.

The project has been successfully completed the Installation and commissioning work in the end of 2019. The washing system runs stably and the rPET flakes has high quality. The customer was satisfied with BoReTech, whether it is equipment or staffs, and willing to re-cooperate with BoReTech in futher.