PURIFINES is an advanced and environmental-friendly facility for purifying waste rPET fines. It has the irreplaceable position in recycled polyester staple fiber industry. PURIFINES is aimed at increasing rPET recycling recovery ratio and enhances added value for PET bottle recycling plant with large capacity and fines washing plant.

PURIFINES is special for separating the small labels, mud, and sands from the rPET fines without any additive solvent such as concentrated brine, and then collect the pure rPET fines.

With more than 20 years R&D experience in PET bottle recycling industry, BoReTech designs the PURIFINES as a compact, simplified, functional and modern facility. It can be achieved 24 hours continuous production with 500 kg/h capacity. One-button start-stop control system makes the operation simple and two operators are sufficient for regular plant running.
Average Unit Consumption (/ton-fines)
Capacity (KG/H) 500
Required Area (㎡) 12
Installation Power (KW) 11
Manpower 2
Causticity None
Pollutant Discharge No
Average Unit Consumption (/ton-fines)
Electricity Consumption (KW/Ton) 11
Water Consumption (m³/Ton) 0.5-1
Cost (USD/Ton) < 15