Horizontal Dryer

  • Horizontal Dryer
The flakes moisture rate will be reduced to 2~3%,Afterwards, if the heat exchange is supplemented, the moisture rate can be reduced in further. For the downstream application, such as polyester staple fiber and POY filament, it is enough to meet the market demands. Specially designed shaft and anti-block screen to reach the highest capacity, minimal moisture content, the lowest breakdown rate and simpler maintenance.
Power (KW) 18.5 / 30
Capacity ((kg/h) 1500 / 3000
Dimension (mm) 2573*1631*1750
Water Content of Product (%) 2~3
Power (KW) 55
Capacity ((kg/h) 3000 / 6000
Dimension (mm) 2470*1940*2022
Water Content of Product (%) 2~3