PET Flakes Friction Washer

Turbo Washer - PET Flakes Friction Washer


BoReTech developed a new turbo washer (PET flakes friction washer dryer) which combined with friction and dewatering functions. The glue will be removed by strong friction among flakes and paddles, then PET flakes moisture rate will be reduced below 5% through centrifugal force. Water spraying devices can avoid screen clogging and flush PET flakes by recycled water. Paddles and screens are all demountable which is easy for daily maintenance and repairs. Paddles are adopting alloy steel which has abrasion resistance, the service life of paddles can reach 10,000 tons of PET flakes output.


There are lots of glue attached to PET flakes although PP labels and paper labels are separated from PET bottles by washing. This residual glue and small impurities affect rPET applications in the downstream production. Turbo washer (PET flakes friction washer dryer) removes glue and small impurities from flakes by friction force to produce cleaning rPET flakes.

Input Capacity

1500-6000 kg/h


Turbo Washer

Combined with Friction and Dewatering Functions

Turbo Washer Removes Glue and Small Impurities from Flakes

Friction Washing Machine

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