Can you introduce your company’s history briefly?

In 1989, our company started to collect and wash post-consumer PET bottles in Taiwan. Because the Taiwanese government encourages people to join the recycling business by subsidy system at that time, we devoted ourselves to focusing on the PET bottle recycling industry.
We recycled PET bottles and got PET flakes, and then we can apply for a subsidy from the government. There were about 5 years we didn’t sell even 1 PET flake to anybody else and just stocked the flakes in our warehouse. Till the year 1994, a college professor guided us to use PET bottle flakes as the raw material to make polyester staple fiber (PSF). Therefore, we started our first recycled fiber plant in Hangzhou city, China, and moved all of our PET flakes from Taiwan to China for making fiber.
We had 4 PSF plants in the year 2000 with a total capacity of 60,000 tons/year. The flake supply from our washing plant was not enough anymore. A huge amount of PET bottle flakes were purchased from many countries. But we found the quality of PET flake from different suppliers has a big difference. Many people don’t know how to produce good-quality PET flakes. Many international business disputes happened about the quality of PET bottle flakes. And it made us have an idea to provide our washing technology to our PET flake supplier.
Our machinery and engineering department was established in 2004. Initially, we just supply a PET bottle washing system. Nowadays, we can supply many downstream industries equipment such as PET bottles to PSF line, Food grade PET bottle to bottle plant and engineering service. In 2021, BoReTech officially extended its business from PET bottle recycling solutions to rigid plastic and film recycling. We provide customized recycling solutions which can be applied for recycling HDPE, LDPE, PP, PE, film, rope, and other plastics.
Since 2005, There are more than 170 plastic recycling systems are running worldwide from BoReTech, and more than 3.6 million tons of PET flakes are recycled by the BoReTech recycling system, which promoting global energy conservation and emission reduction.
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