Why BoReTech?

Boretech has a series of capability on PET bottle recycling manufacture and recycling project planning, building a high efficient PET bottle recycling equipment and providing comprehensive solutions. Boretech has built up a R&D team with more than 20 professional technical staffs. And based on our R&D capability as our competitive advantage, we always represent the leading position of PET bottle recycling innovation. Boretech pioneers B to B level PET bottle recycling system and Fiber grade PET bottle recycling system with human-based operation interface and professional plant design. Boretech' s products with stable performance and favorable quality reduce the manufacture cost and loss substantially, improving the quantity of flakes.

We strive for outstanding quality of equipment, through those excellent manufacture and quality inspection processes time and again. By using PLC control system, the user can remotely monitor the motor load, temperature, pressure and other production parameters of PET bottle washing and polyester staple fiber production for keeping the quality of end product stably. Boretech has been adhering to provide customers with high-end equipment configuration. To comply with domestic market demand in China, Boretech has developed high CP value design of T2000 PET bottle washing system and C3000 PET flakes washing system for PSF production factory. On the other hand, depending on different countries' economic situation and requirement, Boretech also provides PET bottle washing line with smaller capacity for African and other third world countries. So far, we have supplied the largest capacity of PET bottle recycling system in one workshop in the world, turnkey engineering projects for BtoB grade and PET bottle recycling system for the project of mineral demonstration base city Industrial park. Boretech always integrates environmental protection concept into product research to add value in resource reusing, thereby responding the green global tendency.

With 20 years' PET flakes washing experience and more than 10 years' equipment manufacture experience, Boretech will take comprehensive exclusive planning and provide one-to-one equipment configuration proposal; Boretech will guide customers to choose correct market positioning and lead them to produce the recycled PET flakes to adapt domestic sales or applications according to local market for saving unnecessary learning expenses.
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About BoReTech

We are environmental equipment & plastic recycling enterprise which comes from Taiwan with 20 years experience for PET bottle,and other waste plastic recycle and 15 years experience for polyester staple fiber. Our plentiful manufacturing experience has become our prime backbone in waste plastic recycling plan, design and produce. Especially in PET bottle field, we provide not only whole recycling line or single machine but also operate manufacturing and sales in various kinds of recycled PET material and their upper and lower reaches practically. With those outstanding conditions, the equipment and project provided by us are verified by actual operation and the spirit of design is conform to operator's demand perfectly.

Since last century, there is highly economic development in global and speedy growth in population. To satisfy human being substance consumption's requested, which caused the natural sources exhausting, and the un-conversed ecological environment's destroying. Even more caused climate system's seriously un-balanced. Facing such a consequent, human being not only shall deeply thinking it over, also shall have reality and concrete movement to decrease this worsen situation, or to a better improvement. The development of economic and scientific is the necessary evolution process of human civilization. The cleaned and balanced ecological environment is the species survival's basic requirement. Therefore, how to connect scientific to get a relative balance in civilization develop and environment protect, that is a subject of worthy to consider deeply.

The development of environmental protection industry, especially in resources recycling which is a human being's concrete action to lessen or improving the worsen environment. Meanwhile it will take care of the both demands of social requirements and enterprise development. It will become the 21 century's major industry. Since we establish BORETECH, well using "Mineral on Surface", and pursuing eternal operation, is our company's highest guideline "Managing the Human Side of the Enterprise" as well as "Sincere & Truth" is our Enterprise's criterion. Also, marching toward the recycle technology development and recycle substances consolidated usage, as well as gradually towards the direction of proposal supplier in "environment management and recycling resources".


  • The PET bottle washing factory in Taiwan, which specialized in recycling PET bottles, was established.
  • 1994 Anshun (Hangzhou) Pettechs Fiber CO., Ltd., which manufactured regenerated polyester chopped fiber, was established.
  • Guangshun (Jiaxing) Pettechs Fiber CO., Ltd., which manufactured and reclaimed polyester bottle flake, was established.
  • ZHEJIANG BORETECH ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING CO., LTD. in Jiaxing, which developed and manufactured PET recycling and washing system as well as took up the engineering such as recycled fiber, recycled granulation, recycled sheet and so on, was established.

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Whole Plant System
-PET bottle recycling line with capacity of 500 kg/h~6000 kg/h
-Production technology of PET granulation ,SSP, sheet, PSF and POY of the whole plant and the equipment supply.
PET Bottle Washing Line

PET Bottle Washing Line

After many years of development, our systematical equipment production line and overall technical tread have become mature, with choice to make according to the different requirements of customers....(Read More)
PSF / POY Production Line

PSF / POY Production Line

Except manufacture of PET bottle washing line and its project planning, Boretech also provides turnkey engineering service of plant for MRF, granulation, SSP, PSF, Strapping, Sheet and B to B.(Read More)
Functional Single Machine and Material
-All kinds of single machine for PET bottle recycling line
-Provide top grade PET flakes and nonwovens fibers


After many years of development, our systematical equipment production line and overall technical tread have become mature, with choice to make according to the different requirements of customers....(Read More)
Pre-owned Machines

Pre-owned Machines

BoReTech has several used PET bottle washing lines for sale. If you have interest, welcome to contact us for further discussion.(Read More)


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