The First Domestic High Technology PET Bottle Recycling Line


Zhejiang Haili Holding Group signed the contract with us for TL-3000 PET bottle recycling line on July 5th 2010.So far, Haili Group extends the business scope with our company from material to equipment field and begins to develop a complete cooperation.
Zhejiang Haili Holding Group was established in 1992, is a modern enterprise with seven holding subsidiaries, involved in manufacturing, IT industry and investment underwriting rolled in one. The business scope involved toys, fiber, electronics, and financial service, etc. Total assets of the company are up to 1.5 billion. And its turnover is more than 2.1 billion. Haili has become the biggest plush toys producer in China and the one of the most famous suppliers of high quality filament, the recycled polyester filament of Haili is a new product in Zhejiang province. This cooperation will boost the competitive ability of Chinese brand PET bottle recycling system in the world.
As the regular PET flake supplier to Haili before, this cooperation will transform our technical advantage into Haili’s benefit advantage. This process separate the bottles with the label or not reasonably, adopting our highly efficient bottle washing and S+S auto-sorting to eliminate the glue, sand, dirt and so on, then reduce the human error and the cost of manpower. As the mature development of the fiber production, we design this washing system according to the demand of the high quality raw material for filament, ensure the quality of end product to be less than 100PPM of contaminant, thereby, we can prolong the service life of spinning component and filter, maximize the social benefit and get the stable invested rate of return.
This project is estimated for installation on October and put into production on November. Let’s expect the first domestic high technology PET bottle recycling line in China.
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