The First Project to Poland- A smart PET Bottle Washing Line

In December of 2017, BoReTech signed a contract with a Polish Group to provide a 1500 kg/h bottle-to-bottle grade PET bottle recycling line. The customer originally had a cold-washed PET bottle production line, and this time they found BoReTech upgraded its equipment to meet the application requirements of unsaturated polyester production. This project is the first step for BoReTech to enter the European market, and it is also the first PET bottle washing line that BoReTech exports to the Eastern European market. Compared with other equipment exported to the Southeast Asian market, this production line has further improved in appearance, quality, operational safety level and spare parts specifications. The quality of equipment is in strict accordance with CE standards and meets its requirements. Although the capacity of the production line is small, it completely refers to the PET flakes quality standards of bottle-to-bottle grade, and it is equipped with an automatic bottle sorter and flakes sorter. It has the function of removing metal, non-PET material and color bottles. For the layout, it ensures output capacity while sieving all impurities. In addition, increase the processing unit to increase the added value of the product. At present, the production line has completed the mechanical test acceptance before shipment and will be exported to customers in June.

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