First PET Bottle Washing Line Handling with Three Colors Simultaneously in Bangladesh

This customer has a 500 kg / h PET bottle washing line in running, but the quality of rPET flakes was not satisfied. Finally, he found BoReTech to expand production capacity and improve the PET flakes quality. BoReTech supply a new design of a 4000 kg/h PET bottle washing line. And offer professional guidance and comprehensive services. This project is also the first PET bottle recycling project in Bangladesh by BoReTech.

During business negotiation, the customer has always been extremely affirmative and supportive of BoReTech. After three meetings of discussions on the equipment configuration and price, finally determined the design and contract of the project. The entire negotiation process was quite smooth. In terms of the washing system, it is considered that PET bottle bales are mostly by import, so that the quality of the bottles is not stable, and the bottle has various colors mixed. This PET bottle washing line can handle the complex bales and achieve rPET flakes product with 3 different colors.

The configuration of automation was been simplified according to Bangladesh labor cost, it helps to minimize cost and maximize profit, and ensure the stability of PET flakes quality.

The project started installation in June 2019 and completed commissioning acceptance in early August. Customers are very satisfied with the quality and output capacity, it creates a new step for BoReTech the PET recycling sales market in Bangladesh.

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