PET Bottle Washing Line for Domestic PET Bale Material

Since the Chinese government announced its ban on the import of plastics, China domestic PET bottle recycling industry has undergone a revolution. Many small PET recycling workshops have been banned. Large domestic groups and factories have invested in the PET recycling industry and occupied the PET raw material market in China. This customer is focused on the environmental protection field, life cycle solid waste environmental protection industrial park, renewable resource utilization, new environmental protection materials, solid waste resource utilization, soil remediation, and silt solidification, comprehensive management of rivers and lakes, domestic and industrial wastewater treatment, and high-end Environmental protection equipment manufacturing and other fields, leading the domestic PET bottle recycling market.

BoReTech provided two PET bottle recycling lines with a capacity of 6000kg/h each, and a color-mixed bottle washing line, the layout design is according to the condition of raw materials, equipped with optical sorting machines and an online sewage treatment system in strict accordance with the national environmental protection standard to achieve zero sewage discharge. The whole design is good for the high rate impurity content and color mixing ratio of PET bottles. This project is the first step for customers to enter the recycling field of PET bottles. He will base on China market, leading the domestic PET bottle recycling market. The project was launched in March 2017 and hand over to customers for use in May 2018. The quality of end flakes is good and can be used as bottle grade for downstream production.

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