Boretech New Functional Equipment on PET Bottle Recycling System-2


BoReTech Has done a great job this year. We make some improvement on PET bottle recycling functional machine. Herein we would like to make a introduction about  Multi-channel Zig zag separator,  Horizontal Step Dryer and Packing Station (two positions)

 Multi-Channel Zig-Zag

•Multiple channels,Multiple separations;
•To improve separation rate of impurities such as PET fines and suspended matter;
•According to flakes size, negative pressure system can be adjusted;
•Alarm when collection bag is full;

Horizontal Stepped Dryer

•Moisture content   ~ 1.8 %;
•After hot air conveyance system, moisture content  ~ 1 % (Based on 3 Ton/hr output);
•Electric control of opening and closing shell;
•The screen can be rotated and are self-cleaning;
•Stepping design of shaft and screen;
•To enhance wear resistance performance;
•Changeable paddles;

Packing Station (Double-positions)

•To transport flakes to packing station by speed-controlled feeding screw ;
•Special design of feeding screw, easy maintenance;
•Quantitative and automatic packing system;
•Packing according to the parameters set by PLC and exchange to the other position automatically;
•Continuous packing by two positions in turn;
•Packing weight accuracy (fluctuation) is controlled within 0.1%;
•Shaking system, maximize bulk density (%);
•Automatic measurement;

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