Good News-BoReTech Nailed Down Two Orders of PET Bottle Recycling Project from Japan


Affected by the epidemic, the situation around the world is severe, global economy began to decline, many manufacturing companies are beginning to fall into predicament due to the decrease in orders. But, BoReTech had a good performance in early this year. Thanks to the strategy of developing Japan market in the past two years. In addition to providing equipment, BoReTech also cooperates with customers in development of new type machines and dealing with contract engineering projects to expand market shares, offering a complete of turn-key engineering services. Under the epidemic, BoReTech gained more advantages.

BoReTech nailed down two orders of PET bottle recycling projects from Japan, the design input capacity is 6 tons/hour per line, and the end customers are Mitsubishi Plastics Corporation and Toyota Tsusho Corporation. It laid a foundation for BoReTech in-depth development of the Japan market, and also shows that PET bottle recycling machine and technology from BoReTech have been recognized by advanced countries.

In the face of epidemic, BoReTech keeps investment in research and development, that is a good strategy. To do a good job in research and development and produce the equipment with market demand to win more markets.

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