Eco-friendly Filament Grade PET Bottle Washing Line

JinYuan Renewable Resources Co., LTD is an enterprise deal with recycling and processing of waste plastics. This customer has been engaged in the spinning industry for many years. Since 2019, the customer has started the PET bottle recycling and started the production of PET flakes with cold washing, and used the environmental-friendly recycled PET flakes into the downstream spinning production, making a contribution to the purification of the earth.

Based on the manufacture experience of plastic recycling and its industry background, the customer is quite familiar with the upstream and downstream of PET recycling industry and application. Under the introduction of industry friends, the customer found BoReTech and indicated the development plan of PET bottle recycling. In view of the customer prospective business philosophy, this PET bottle recycling line is positioned for eco-friendly filament grade application after several technical discussions between BoReTech and Jinyuan. The process design improves the automation degree of the washing line, the configuration and technology is also in the forefront of domestic PET bottle recycling industry. It laid the foundation for its further enlargement and development of PET recycling industry.

During the installation and commissioning of this project, BoReTech and Jinyuan both companies provided each other with 100% support. With the good cooperation, the equipment was installed in place after three weeks, which became a good example of efficiency and high quality for the installation and commissioning of projects.

Kaifeng JinYuan Renewable Resources Co., LTD is preparing for the next cooperation with BoReTech to expand the production of PET flakes. It is expected that a new PET bottle washing line will be set up in the next year. BoReTech is also looking forward to cooperating with JinYuan again!