Heat Shrinkable Label Remover for PET Bottles


BoReTech supplies two types of heat-shrinkage (PVC) PET bottle label remover. One is consists of a label scrapper and a label blower and its capacity reach up 4,000 kg/h. The other is a compact device that can remove labels by two functions combined with scrapping and blowing. The compact label remover occupies less space and has a compact mechanical structure.

BoReTech label scraping blade and bolt have a longer service life which can reach up 10,000 tons input, it has high efficiency of bottle label separation rate and a low bottle damage rate. The average PET label separation rate is over 90% and the bottle-breaking rate within 5%. More than ever, the new generation of blades and bolts have better working efficiency.


In Asia, most labels are PVC heat-shrinkage sleeves which cannot be removed by bottle prewashing, it is a big problem in the PET bottle recycling industry. BoReTech bottle label remover machine has a patent, which can completely solve this problem. Firstly, the label scrappers will tear the labels by its blades and bolts, so that the labels no longer attached to the surface of the bottle, secondly, these labels will be completely separated by adjustable wind-force and gravity difference between bottles and labels.

Input Capacity

600-4000 kg/h

Specially designed machine structure can minimize the time to replace spare parts, it's easier for daily maintenance and ensure the washing line under smooth operation.


Heat Shrinkable Label Remover

label Scrappers Tear the Labels by its Blades and Bolts

Separate PVC Labels.

Label Remover is Compact & Occupies Less Space