A Food Grade PET Bottle Washing Line in Malaysia invested by Income
Successful Project
System: A Food Grade PET Bottle Washing Line in Malaysia invested by Income Capacity: 7000KG/H Application: Bottle to Bottle Time: 2020-09

INCOME is a high-tech manufacturing and circular economy enterprise, which devoted to waste plastic recycling and application of recycled plastics. 100,000 tons of plastic are recycled by INCOME annually. This customer has several PET pelletizing lines in Malaysia, as China has no longer import PET bottle bales and rPET flakes, so they invested this PET recycling factory there. Under this project, they ordered a 7000 KG/H PET bottle washing line from BoReTech, it will increase 50,000 tons of PET flakes output annually, which specializing in the production of high-end spinning chips, food grade rPET pellets, sheet and so on.

This project equipment adopted BoReTech’s food grade PET bottle washing line which equipped with European optical sorting machines for selecting PET bottles and flakes. Control system is IAS system which developed by BoReTech. More than 50% waste water can be recycled by in-line water treatment system. The whole process can not only recycle transparent PET bottles, but also can collect sub-products likes color bottles, caps and PET fines. The process design is available for complex condition of PET bottles, and which maximizes the value of sub-products.

The installation and commissioning work under this project encountered the COVID-19, All BoReTech staffs gave 100% support to the customer. Although the progress was delayed due to this situation, but the PET bottle washing line is expected to start production around the second half of 2020.