First Project of PET Bottle Washing Line for Food Grade Application
Successful Project
System: First Project of PET Bottle Washing Line for Food Grade Application Capacity: 6 tons / hr Application: Bottle to Bottle Time: 2018-06

This project is a joint venture between a well-known Taiwanese manufacturer of virgin pellets and a local Japanese bottle-blowing company. The project is for food-grade PET chips production, which including PET bottle washing line, pelletizing line, and SSP. Because it is necessary to obtain the food grade certificate of FDA and EFSA, the pelletizing line and SSP undertaken by the Buhler in Switzerland. As for the PET bottle recycling line, the Taiwanese company made numerous inspections and technical meetings to determine BoReTech as the supplier finally. This is the first PET bottle washing line for BoReTech which apply to food grade bottle-to-bottle manufacture in a single factory. This project is a major milestone to indicate BoReTech has officially stands at the same height with European washing line suppliers. 

In order to achieve food-grade quality of PET flakes, this project applies IAS (Integrated Automation Solution) system. It improves the PET flakes quality to another new level. Due to this project, it also improves engineering capabilities of BoReTech significantly. In this regard, BoReTech sincerely appreciate the trust and relative assistance from the owner.