FAQ of BORETECH's Client
  • Can you introduce your company's history briefly?
    In 1989, our company started to collect and wash post-consumer PET bottles in Taiwan. Because the Taiwanese government encourages people to join recycling business by subsidy system at that time, we devoted to focus in PET bottle recycling industry.

    We recycled PET bottles and got PET flakes, and then we can apply the subsidy from the government. There were about 5 years we didn't sell even 1 PET flake to anybody else and just stocked the flakes in our warehouse. Till the year 1994, a college professor guided us to use the PET bottle flakes as the raw material to make polyester staple fiber (PSF). Therefore, we started our first recycled fiber plant in Hangzhou city, China and moved all of our PET flakes from Taiwan to China for making fiber.

    We had 4 PSF plants in the year 2000 with total capacity 60,000 ton/year. The flake supply from our own washing plant was not enough anymore. Huge amount of PET bottle flakes were purchased from many countries. But we found the quality of PET flake from different suppliers has big difference. Many people don't know how to produce good quality PET flakes. Many international business disputes happened about quality of PET bottle flake. And it made us to have an idea to provide our washing technology to our PET flake supplier.

    Our machinery and engineering department was established in 2004. Initially, we just supply PET bottle washing system. Nowadays, we are able to supply many downstream industries equipment such as PSF line, PET strap line, PET sheet line, polyester filament line, etc.
  • Can you buy the PET flakes from us?
    BoReTech can't import PET flakes as China ban waste plastics import since 2018. But we have a recycling factory in Taiwan which can buy and want to buy. The initial purpose to make the plant is to provide the good machinery for our flake supplier to improve the quality of PET bottle flakes for our pelletizing plant use.
  • How many PET flakes do you need per month?
    For our own pelletizing plants, 2000 ton/month is sufficient. But since we are also PET flake supplier to other downstream industries, we can buy what you can supply. But the prerequisite is that the quality of PET flake must be qualified.
  • How far is your factory from Shanghai?
    It takes 1.5~2 hours from Shanghai airport to Boretech according to traffic situation.
  • What is the price of the bottle bale in China?
    As now China ban PET bale import , so the material is limited, so the price is higher than other countries which can import.
  • Can you import PET bottle bale?
    No, All the factory in China can't import PET bottle bale now.
  • Can you import PET bottle flakes?

    In the past, we imported very big capacity of PET bottle fakes from Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, India, Peru, Egypt, etc. We have our own import license for importing waste plastic material directly. Otherwise, the exporter needs AQSIQ certificate to export waste plastic to China.

    Now, as the import ban of waste plastic, all factories in China can't import PET flakes which is washed or unwashed, including BoReTech

  • How is the washing line working?
    What we do in the washing process is to remove the impurities which are mixed in the bottles and outside the bottles. We know the character of different impurities, so we create different machine with different function for separating specified impurity. Every washing line we sold was designed according to Buyer’s requirement and local features of waste PET bottle material.
  • How does the PET bottle prewashing machine wash the bottles?
    The bottle washing machine washes the bottles with hot water and chemical. The special designed structure makes the bottles moving in the designated orbit to get a duration in the bottles and the friction on the surface of the bottles will remove the mud, sand, some oil, some glue outside the bottles. The paper label and PP label can be removed in the machine also by friction power and hot chemical solution. The most important issue is to heat the PVC bottles, make it whitening and easy to be distinguished from PET bottle for easier manual sorting.
  • What kind of chemical do you use to wash PET bottles and PET flakes?
    We use three kinds of detergent to wash the flakes. NaOH, Na3PO4 and T-31. The T-31 detergent is designed by BORETECH from the year 2000 with a chemical works factory. The BORETECH’s engineer went to the chemical works factory and brings many dirty bottles for explaining what contamination should be removed. Then the chemical works factory designed formula of the T-31 detergent according to BORETECH’s requirement. Even BORETECH doesn’t know the formula of the detergent. The BORETECH’s operation engineer will help the buyer to optimize the chemical mixing formula.