First Successful PET Bottle Recycling Project in Japan
Successful Project
Capacity: 3 tons / hr Application: Bottle to Bottle Area: Asia - Japan Time: 2018-06

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This customer is a well-known PET bottle recycling company in Japan. They used Japanese local recycling equipment, Erema Pelletizing line and sheet production line to manufacture food-grade recycled PET chips and sheet. When they went to Shanghai to participate in China International Recycled Polyester Conference in 2011, they met BoReTech, which coincided with the plan to renovate the washing line. After factory visiting and several meetings with each other, this project was confirmed.

The project has two main objectives: to improve capacity to 3 tons per hour and the quality of PET flakes. The existing factory for PET bottle washing line is very narrow and it’s a challenge to configure double processing capacity washing line in a limited space. Ultimately, BoReTech adopts new design on the connection structure by tight type according to customer factory. And use the highest international standards of spare parts to reduce the frequency of equipment maintenance. The customer is very satisfied with the project and also changes the idea about Chinese equipment.

As the first project entry into Japan market, it has achieved great success and also created a solid foundation for the following orders.