The Biggest PET Bottle Recycling Factory in Mexico
Successful Project
Capacity: 6 tons / hr Application: Bottle to Bottle Area: America - Mexico Time: 2018-06

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This Mexican owner engages copper sulfate production and has achieved the second largest annual production capacity in 2011 globally. His friend in Paraguay happened to be the old customers of BoReTech. They felt that the copper sulfate industry had environmental pollution and decided to engage in the PET bottle recycling business. So they order the first 3 tons/hour PET bottle washing line from BoReTech, which was installed in Guadalajara, Mexico by 2012.
The end flakes quality of this line design is based on bottle-to-bottle application. Therefore, two set of Sesotec automatic bottle sorters and a flakes automatic sorter were used to meet the Mexico's low labor efficiency and eliminate impurities as much as possible. There are multi online inspection before packaging, in addition to improving the stability of the PET flakes quality, and preventing the low-quality flakes mixing into end products.

The PET flakes are mainly sold to bottle-to-bottle application factories and sheet factories in the United States and Mexico, which quality has been praised by all customers. It has also been a great success for the company's PET recycling business. At the end of 2013, the owner decided to expand the plant capacity, and ordered the second washing line of 6 ton/hour from BoReTech again. It was installed next to the original production line in 2014, which to be the largest PET bottle recycling factory in Mexico. The current monthly output capacity of PET bottles is around 4,000~4,500 tons. In 2017, they purchased its own sheet production line from Starlinger in Europe to carry out PET flakes deep processing to increase profitability.