Bottle Pre-Washing Machine

  • Bottle Pre-Washing Machine
BoReTech supplys two types of PET bottle pre-washing machines, one is continuous bottle pre-washer, the other one is batch pre-washer. The biggest feature of continuous bottle pre-washer is the automated water circulation system, continuous feeding and washing, then uses the high-temperature chemical water to remove the labels, dirt, sands, glues, rubbers, metal and other impurities on the bottles' surfaces. Separating rate will more than 90%.The supporting chemical water filtration system can attain the chemical water reuse, and prolong the service life of the chemical water and save the washing costs.
Intermittent washing ensures that there is sufficient soak time for the bottles in the chemical water, it will be   applied to the recycling of oil bottles well.
Power (KW) 45
Capacity (kg/h) 1500
Dimension(mm) 11666*2956*5729
Steam Consumption Rate (kg/h) 300
Water Circulation Rate (t/h) 15
Power (KW) 7.5*2
Capacity (kg/h) 3000
Dimension(mm) 11250*2274*2740
Steam Consumption Rate (kg/h) 500
Water Circulation Rate (t/h) 20
Power (KW) 15*2
Capacity (kg/h) 4500
Dimension(mm) 14932*2920*3060
Steam Consumption Rate (kg/h) 500
Water Circulation Rate (t/h) 23
Power (KW) 15*2
Capacity (kg/h) 6000
Dimension(mm) 15776*3200*3222
Steam Consumption Rate (kg/h) 600
Water Circulation Rate (t/h) 25