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California mandates recycled material in beverage bottles

California lawmakers approved legislation requiring beverage companies to use recycled plastic. If signed, the bill will usher in the first recycled-content law of its kind for plastic bottles in the U.S.

Assembly Bill 793 requires that all plastic bottles covered by the state’s container redemption program average at least 15% post-consumer resin (PCR) starting in 2022. That recycled-content mandate increases to 25% in 2025 and 50% in 2030.

Under the bill, manufacturers missing the targets are subject to penalty fees, which are 20 cents for each pound of PCR they fell short by. The money is deposited into a new “Recycling Enhancement Penalty Account” and is to be spent on recycling, infrastructure, collection and processing of plastic beverage bottles, according to the legislation.

Lawmakers gave their final approval to the bill on Aug. 30.

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Switzerland establishes new PET bottles collecting system

31 Aug 2020

On behalf of PET-Recycling Schweiz, Swiss Post is now collecting PET beverage bottles from all over Switzerland in special collection bags from home. The service was successfully tested regionally in 2019 and will now be extended to the whole of Switzerland.

The new service is aimed at private households and was extensively tested in five municipalities. The successful pilot test and the very positive feedback from the population were decisive for the nationwide introduction.

Because Swiss Post already delivers to all Swiss households, no new logistics need be set up. Furthermore, the pilot test has shown that the existing logistics capacities are sufficient and that no additional trips or vehicles are needed. And thanks to Swiss Post’s electric vehicles, the collection is even emission-free. The return is made via 45 litre collection bags. These can be placed in a clearly visible position near the letterboxes at the entrance to the building without prior notice.

Date: 2020-09-04